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Our Story

We are recruitment freaks that have seen the inefficiency in current industry practices. Over the years, we noticed that the best hires consistently came through passive recruitment.

Why is passive recruitment so effective?

The best candidates in the job market always either are happy with their job or have plenty of offering before even they are actively looking. Passive recruitment is a technique used by professional recruiters to identify, reach out and source the best candidates for an open position who are passively looking or in many cases might not even be looking for a change.

Recruiters while sourcing their candidate pool validate for a job candidate, putting their reputation at stake. Even if their referral does not result in a hire, they minimize the amount of “spam,” or unqualified candidates that an employer must sift through to find the right person. But there is one major problem with referrals –their reach is limited to only the relationships of that single organization.

As a result of these shortcomings, Arab Recruiters was born. Arab Recruiters helps companies hire by leveraging vast networks of relationships throughout the world. As soon as a job is posted, these professional recruiter networks go to work on the employer’s behalf. Our process is simple, fair, and effective.

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